It all begins with data. Data that you can trust, data that can answer your questions, well-structured data that you can interact with. No, it’s not easy to find such data.


Data visualization is a highway between the data and your brain. If you want to know more, know faster and take better data-supported decisions you need to implement effective data visualizations practices in your decision-making processes.


Excel is the best tool to learn and apply sound data visualization principles and best practices: you already know how to use it, you already know how to make a chart. Learn data visualization in Excel and then you are free to go find a tool that fits your expanding needs.


Data visualization is not about prettier charts and infographics and, in a business environment, has nothing to do with graphic design or artistic skills. Data analysis and communication are core skills for the knowledge worker today.

Jorge Camões

Jorge CamoesHi. My name is Jorge Camoes and I’ll be your host around here. is not your regular Excel tips site. You can find here a blog where we discuss data visualization issues and where I post free tutorials from time to time, and a members area where you can find more structured data visualization courses. To know more about please visit the About page.

What they say

In addition to a great deal of data visualization experience, Jorge is one of the world’s great experts in Excel; he’s one of those guys who can make Excel do things that were never intended or imagined and certainly never directly supported by its creators.
Stephen Few, Perceptualedge
Jorge Camoes has a mission. He wants to help the world make sense of the ocean of data that we are beginning to swim in. Jorge wants you to understand and make sense of data (…) I’m going to email the URL of his blog to colleagues who work with me in the Cabinet Office. Wouldn’t it be great if could help present our data in some of the exciting formats he examines on his site.
Tom Watson, Former Member of Parliament
When I think Visualization and Excel there are two names that come into my mind: Jorge Camoes and Jon Peltier. If you want to do serious data visualization with Excel, stop here, they are the names.
Enrico Bertini, New York University, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering