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Just Another Stupid Bar Chart

Human creativity is virtually limitless. But: You don't vary color by data point. You don't force the eyes to a pendular movement if you can avoid it. You don't use a legend when you can use [...]

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Will you Help Me Write a Data Visualization E-Book (and Win a Free Copy)?

I'm writing an e-book, kind of "101 Data Visualization Questions You Were Afraid to Ask", and I'd really appreciate your help. You just have to submit your data visualization question(s) using the contact form on [...]

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Better Charts for Business: When Business Doesn’t Care

Most managers don't care about a better visualization of business data. As a reader puts it: Short of locking management in a room with Tufte and Few, how do I sell management on the value [...]

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Inconsequential Foreplay

Nathan discusses this chart. He says: I know a lot of you don't like bubbles in your viz, but this one works for me. Jon Peltier, in the comments, argues that: Sets of bars would [...]

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Excel Charts: If It Isn’t Broken…

I humbly accept our business visualization reality: 90% of all business charts are created in Excel and most business users are unwilling to learn yet another application and go through all sorts of hassles (data [...]

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Here's How the Unemployment Rate Sounds Like

Do you want to know how the unemployment rate sounds like? Copy this string: 65536,32768,16384,16384,16384,4096, 4096,2048,1024,1024,256,128,64,16,4,2 and paste it into here (right-click, past). Now the Dow Jones Index: 2,4,4,2,2,32,32,16,64,1024,2048,4096, 16384,65536,32768,16384 All together now: 65538,32772,16388,16386,16386, 4128,4128,2064,1088,1024,2304, 4224,16448,65552,32772,16386 [...]

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