… and become the Dashboard Master in your organization.

If you want to know exactly how to create powerful dynamic dashboards that makes your business data come to life and establishes you as the dashboard expert in your organization, I can help you.

I will show you, step by step, how to go from a blank page to a fully functional dashboard. This example dashboard uses many different techniques that you can use in your own projects.

Create dashboards that you can be proud of. Dashboards that make business sense and don’t take months to design and implement. IT-free dashboards? Why not? It’s your choice.

Here is how it works.

I believe that an Excel dashboard should be interactive, should be connected to an external data source (easier to maintain and update), and should be free from all that useless fluff most BI vendors love. If that’s what you want too, here’s what you get:

  • A 12-module course that shows you every single step I took to create a sample dashboard. This dashboard contains:
    • Forms that allow the users to interact with the data;
    • How to connect your dashboard to an external data source;
    • Dynamic charts that change when the data changes (based on user selections);
    • Advanced Excel functions like OFFSET() and INDIRECT() ;
    • Advanced pivot tables;
    • Recorded macros;
  • More than two hours of video;
  • The Excel dashboard itself;
  • The external data source.

This is a learning-by-example course. This means that you should watch each video, read the discussion and replicate the steps. That’s how you’ll learn all those new techniques that you will apply in your own dashboards. Watch this video. It’s your dashboard when you finish the course:

Relax, you have lifetime access to your course.

I take online courses from time to time. As soon as I click the pay button the phone rings: a client has a new project that requires full and immediate attention. Bye-bye, course… Trying to manage all those things and all the people that need your attention is not easy.

That’s why you get lifetime access to the course. You can take it at your own pace but please do yourself a favor: take the course, don’t just buy it. This is a path, not a pill. You still have to work.

There are many ways to skin a cat. That’s why you need these bonus…

Excel is very flexible, and there are many ways to achieve the same result. To prove it, you’ll get two bonus dashboards, very similar to the one above but using different sets of techniques.

Finish your course, and then try to understand how these two were made. There is no help, no tutorials. But the files are unprotected, so you can study them. If you can figure them out, well, I think you can consider yourself a dashboard master.

Is this the right course for me?

Let me be honest with you: if you don’t know the difference between “=A1+A2” and “=$A1+$A2” the tutorial is too advanced for you and you should try something simpler.

On a second thought, if you are interested in dashboards with Excel I believe that you already know the difference… So, yes, this is for you.

Lifetime Access (or Only Six Month?)

Get Lifetime access to all the changes and updates for only $97. On the other hand, if you think that a six-month access is more than enough you can get that for only $ 67.

No, This Is Not a Recurring Payment

I hate small print, don’t you? Lifetime access grants you access to the tutorial as long as this site exists. Six-month access grants you access for, well, six months. By the end of month six you’ll get a thank you note (and maybe a bonus) for your membership. That’s all. One time payment.

How Safe Is your Purchase?

Transactions are safely processed through PayPal, so no credit card details are accessed or stored. And I will not spam you or share your e-mail address.

I am sure you’ll love this Excel Dashboard video tutorial. However, I ‘ll give you a 30-day, no questions asked, full money-back guarantee. If you feel that the product is not improving your Excel and dashboard skills, you just have to send me a message and I’ll issue a refund immediately.

What users are saying…

Here are some of the comments people are leaving in the blog about the tutorial:

Your dashboard ROCKS!! Just finished the dashboard tutorial and can’t wait to get into creating my own for our data. I have searched for a long time for a good quality tutorial that covers all the essential functions for creating reports and reporting tools. This is the most amazing tool for learning advanced Excel I have come across and is also a shining example of Excel best practices. I wish I had this years ago. You have a great understanding of how to communicate and teach complex information easily and clearly. Thank you.” T.

Jorge – Great work on this. I purchased the training and it has been very helpful to me in setting some things up.” Sam G.

This is great, just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks alot.” Joseph Flowers

“In less than half an hour, I have learned more than I ever imagined with your dashboard, and that is the start. Thanks you so much, and yes, the price is really nothing compared to what you get.” Daniele
“Great job. It has helped me get a dashboard project off the ground in record time. Thanks!” Jeff

“… indeed it is a great work.”- Imran

“I accidentally discovered your site and I am super impressed. I am a data analyst at e-commerce company and am looking to streamline automate reports for executives. I am trying to expand my understanding of excel and building up my repertoire so to speak and I realize that pivot tables and VBA are key. The demographic dashboard is an excellent learning tool for people like me who are looking to learn the “integration” bit by example. And, your example is extremely clean and non-convoluted. So thank you, I am looking forward to learning a lot from your site and tutorials.” Rachana Mukherjee

“The challenge is not so much in the Excel techniques (well, only a little 😉 ), but it is more in the creativity and empathy of the dashboard designer. Thanks Jorge, for your brilliant solutions!” Chris Capel

So, let’s get you started!

Look, learning how to make effective dashboards and how to design charts that truly support decision-making are long-term skills that will help you stay competitive in the marketplace. You know that, don’t you? Start today. You can get the tutorial for only $97.00 for a lifetime. If you understand the value of education and life long training you know how ridiculously low this price this is.
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Jorge Camoes